Hi, I’m Matthew Shribman and my mission is to make science as accessible as oxygen, for the broadest possible audience.

My current main project is AimHi and you can read a more complete bio there too.


Making CO2

Household Knowledge

For one of my recent projects, I have been campaigning for news and weather publishers / broadcasters to communicate rising CO2 levels.

My recommendation report is supported by Cambridge Zero, the University of Cambridge, the Grantham Institute and Reading University Meteorology Department. 

The most up-to-date version (16th December 2020) is here. Please share it. There is no time to lose. 


3 Science Videos

Losing Ground

Global topsoil is degrading rapidly, and many are, rightly, worrying  that we're running out of  harvests.

Is confidence ever reasonable?

Matthew begins his talk submerged underwater. Can he hold his breath for 25 minutes? From his bath, he takes us on a scientific adventure, through...

Plastic In The Air

About 300kg of plastic enters the ocean every second, it's all over the food chain 🐟, and now we're breathing it in the air.

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