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Matthew Shribman

I’m a scientist, environmentalist, futurist, teacher, systems-thinker, consultant and descendent of the same ambitious fish as everyone.


A little about me

I try to spend my time focussed on projects for the future of life on Earth. This involves elevating others. Now is the time for diverse voices, so I'm supporting as many as I can.

I don’t have a governing board, but if I did, I'd want it to be me, a lantern fish, a few weaver birds, and a big lump of moss… and to be honest, I’d probably hold my tongue.

I’m not very good at writing about myself, and so what I have for you are this picture of my dog and two bios written by Polly Gregson at the Eden Project. One is serious, the other not, though it's hard to tell which is which these days.

Neither has been updated for a little while.

Two videos

My YouTube is full of short videos, but for now, here’s a TEDx I gave from a bubbly bathtub, and a video about why I’m doing what I’m doing.

My projects

At the moment, I am all-hands-on-deck focussed on work related to the climate and nature crisis.


We can turn this mess around and ensure a liveable future, but it is going to take all of our efforts, involving a great diversity of people, and a total reinvention of education, organisational systems and our relationship with nature.


Democracy at its best is still only the vote of humans, and only the humans around now. Even that needs rethinking.


There's a lot of work to do...

AimHi Earth is the education-to-action organisation up-skilling and activating politicians, influencers and citizens around the world to combat the climate and nature crisis.


AimHi Earth

I love to take complex science and I make it enticing and accessible. I turn it into compelling stories. I do this for broadcasters like the BBC through to big organisations and start-ups.


Science presenting


One-to-one tutoring

I teach climate and ecological science online to some of the world's leading campaigners. When I have time, I also teach science and maths to a few smart and curious students.

I run a podcast with a bunch of people who are much funnier than I am! It's called A Piece of String.


My science podcast

I am busy writing a book about biological systems. I also sometimes publish short articles on topics like cosmology, environmentalism and economics.


My writing

I made an easy-to-understand widget showing the global level of CO2. It's already used by national broadcasters in Japan and Canada, and I'm giving the code away for free.


Publicising CO2 levels


My Music

I used to make a lot of music. My artist name was Sykes and then matthew hidden and then twin hidden. Now it's Ash Lad, after the Norwegian fairytale.

My campaign group, Planet A, works to elevate science-backed solutions for big, global problems. Our most recent campaign helped to increase the UK's reforestation plans by 100x.


Environmental campaigns

My Projects

Friends & Supporters

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