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Teaching & tutoring

I have taught and mentored students all around the world.


As one of London's most in-demand tutors of science and maths, I am what they call a "Super Tutor".


Rather than focusing on learning for syllabuses and exams (though I do this too when the time comes), I have always focused on expansive, adventurous learning to expand the minds and horizons of my students.


I also teach climate and ecological science to a small number of the world's leading campaigners at reduced or pro bono rates.

If you'd like to become one of my students for either of these, please get in touch. I’m often fully booked these days, but I do run a waiting list.

“Knowledge is expansive and the education that you provide travels beyond the classroom and is much more important than a grade at the end. You cultivate the mind and shape the understanding of the world for these young people.”

– M A, mother (GCSE Science)

“E was telling me how you started explaining to him the quantum electron wave and the probability of presence instead of the deterministic Newtonian approach. I think it is wonderful! This is why I love for you to come here, because you go beyond what they’d ever be exposed to at school – you really open their minds, and help them to think about entirely new things.”

– S W, father (GCSE Science)

“Thank you so much for your support of Ariana. We know that you were an important part of her success getting into Oxford. She says she couldn’t have done it without you. We will never forget you.”

– M C, mother (A-Level Chemistry)

“You have become a part of our family, and taught my girls and also myself so much”

– A R, mother (KS2 Maths)

“How many of your students are actively unhappy when they find out you’re not coming? T was so upset when he found out you had the week off!”

– E B, mother (KS2 Science)

“L is very keen to be tutored by you rather than anyone else. Having tried a few others, he now appreciates the difference!”

– E O, mother (GCSE Science)

“Half a year ago, I was at the bottom of the seventh science set. I just got my end of year exam results back, and I beat everyone in set 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Thank you Matthew – you’ve completely turned things around for me”

– C M, student (GCSE Science)

“Matthew walks on water he is an incredible teacher. My son connected with him from day one. Our son was at a very low ebb with his Physics (he was the only one in his class not to be doing Maths), and Matthew stepped in and made real progress. From the first lesson, Matthew helped him to find the gaps in his knowledge and was able to get him to feel that he really understood. They worked together on anything that was challenging, and Matthew made such a difference. I think Matthew is an excellent teacher and we feel that our son has benefited enormously.”

– S D, mother (A-Level Physics)

“You’ve got a real talent: I can see that the you communicate with my son is really special; you get down to his level, you make friends, and you really connect.”

– L H, father (Year 3 Maths)


“Matthew had a broad brief of inspiring my daughter to get excited by science. He achieved this brilliantly with charm and enthusiasm. Matthew is inspiring, cool and effective.”

– T S, mother (Year 8 Science Mentoring)

“You’ve made it so much clearer; I thought I was never going to get this. I actually understand it all now!”

– B S, student (GCSE Biology)


“Matthew is full of energy and full of life. It is infectious! He can explain some very complex science by chopping the material down into much more concise ideas. Entire double page spreads are condensed into an equation and a couple of bullet points. My daughter tells me that concepts that seemed complicated now seem easy, and that working with Matthew has saved her hours of struggling with revision. And if she’s interested in a particular idea, he is fully able to expand beyond the syllabus too! He is a real genius, and the house brightens up each time with his presence!”

– V N, mother (A-Level Maths & Chemistry)

“Matthew has been a great tutor and a distinguished role model for my son. He has been talking about his ‘smart teacher’ ever since. He has the gift of teaching with fun and games. Thank you Matthew”

– A O, mother (Year 1 Science Mentoring)

“You are by far our favourite tutor – and there have been many! I am so grateful to you for turning our son’s maths around and giving him a true understanding of what he is doing – fantastic that you were able to achieve this.”

– C S, mother (A-Level Maths)

“Our son is very motivated and it’s the first time I’ve seen him 'wanting' to do well. Very much due to your lessons!”

– N W, mother (11+ Maths)

“Matthew scored quite a coup when he had our son teaching his own maths class a method that the school teacher hadn’t been able to teach them. Now A’s whole class understands thanks to Matthew’s method!”

– W M, father (A-Level Maths)

“We had been through countless tutors with my nephew and none of them could build up the relationship. But Matthew was different it’s not easy to find a tutor of such high standard and character.”

– A S, uncle (A-Level Maths & Chemistry)

“You were amazingly helpful to my son when you were tutoring him – you transformed his confidence in the subject and himself.”

– E A, mother (GCSE Biology & Physics)


“Your explanations are absolutely worth it. You have rescued my daughter’s confidence.”

– R V, mother (GCSE Science)

“Thank you again – I doubt you will get a clearer 'before and after' demonstration of the impact you can have! In our view it is not just the quality of the teaching you delivered, but it is also the success in motivating our son to engage!”

– M T, father (GCSE Science)

“We’ve had several other tutors and we just cannot find anyone as good as Matthew”

– A B, mother (11+ Maths)

“Matthew has been the most understanding and considerate tutor imaginable. Our daughter has been trying to get back to school after being very unwell, and he has shown great sympathy but also positive encouragement when she has been able to study. He has worked her hard when she has been well enough but has given her easier sessions when necessary. He has been punctual, with excellent communication and well prepared to the sessions. I am hoping to use him more in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

– C W, mother (A-Level Maths, Physics & Chemistry)

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