Science Presenting

I like communicating science, I always have. I like sharing things that are beautiful and astonishing, and I like it when I can help others to understand, to feel empowered, and to be curious about everything from the shape of a raindrop to what happens below -273°C.


I've spent a lot of time making short films about science, but I’m not a filmmaker – I was never very good at making them – I’m really more of a teacher.


I never set out to win any prizes or to be famous; I just wanted to try to inspire people and to help to solve some global problems.

I made a couple of short films, which are further below, but first, here are some short explainers...

*YouTube is my portfolio space.

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My films

I made these two films to try to spread the word about the disappearance of global soil, and the crisis of plastic in the ocean (and now air too).

I made both films over a year before I managed to get enough funding to edit them together. Hopefully, in the near future, there'll be more funding around for environmental science communication!

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Future work

The world is awash with “content” these days. Producing more of it without planning exactly how it’s going to make a positive impact often only favours the social media platforms and bounces around an echo chamber.


I used to make a large number of videos to get important and interesting messages out, blending the fun with the vital, but I have now decided to focus entirely on bigger projects.

That said, I am always keen to try to fit in talks, filming, panels, podcasts etc. where possible, if I'm confident that I will be making a positive difference.

If you'd like to work on something together then know that...


  • What I am good at is telling stories and explaining things in a way that’s fun, accessible and for a broad audience. I am also a big nerd, so I am often quite up to date with the latest research in various areas of science.


  • What I am not good at is towing a line when the truth is important. I am also not very good at learning lines!


Am I qualified to

communicate science?


I studied chemistry at the University of Oxford, and then I wrote a master’s thesis that was technically in “spin chemistry” which was all about birds migrating in magnetic fields , so it was kind of closer to biophysics than chemistry. Though I also think it can be unhelpful to draw thick lines between different areas of science.

What I can tell you is that, since doing my degree, I have never stopped reading and learning. I’m currently sitting a cosmology course at Princeton and this morning, I was learning about how parrotfish make most of the white sand in the world.

So yes, I’ll happily talk about most things in science, and if I’ve never heard of something before, I’ll enjoy finding out about it even more!

And since you've made it this far down the page, here's a short video I made to promote a show I did a few years ago at WOMAD festival.