Ash Lad


Once upon a time, I made a lot of music. You can find most of it here.


I made everything with my old friend Sam Lea who is the the most talented musician I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a fair few.

Sam and I got our biggest break when we helped to return a lost dog to its owner in a tiny Welsh village, which then led us to a sort of medieval cult, and then to a rugby club talent show run by Keith Allen, and eventually to being offered a slot at Glastonbury.


We then announced the slot too early, making international news, before having our entire stage cancelled and ultimately never playing Glastonbury.


We played at some other great festivals though!


Another EP...

I loved being a full-time musician, but it is a surprisingly lonely career, and it takes a huge amount of resilience.

I don't spend much time making music anymore, but I do have a cheeky little EP in the works, and I’ve been trying to convince Sam to finish the production since 2017. One day we'll get there...

For now, here's the last 35 seconds of a song called Indonesia that we never quite finished.

Indonesia (Snippet)
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Music I like

Also, if you’d like to listen to some of my favourite songs, I’ve made a playlist on Spotify called Really Good Music Songs.


It’s got a bit of everything I’ve ever liked, from “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” through to Four Tet and a load of Irish folk music.


My favourite artist on there is Beatenberg / Matthew Field. If all was just and right in the world, Beatenberg would be a household name.