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Ash Lad


Once upon a time, I made a lot of music. You can find most of it here.


I made everything with my old friend Sam Lea who is one of the most talented musician I’ve ever met.

Sam and I got our biggest break when we helped to return a lost dog to its owner in a tiny Welsh village, which then led us to a sort of medieval cult, and then to a rugby club talent show run by Keith Allen, and eventually to being offered a slot at Glastonbury.


We then announced the slot too early, making international news, entirely by accident.


A new EP

I loved being a full-time musician, but it's a tough thing to do in your early 20s. It's surprisingly lonely and takes a huge amount of resilience.

I don't spend much time making music at the moment, but I do have a cheeky EP that's nearly finished. I’ve been trying to convince Sam to finish the production since 2017! One day...

For now, here's the last 35 seconds of a new song called Indonesia.

Indonesia (Snippet)
00:00 / 00:36

Music I like

If you’d like to listen to some of my favourite songs, I’ve made a playlist on Spotify called Really Good Music Songs.


It’s got a bit of everything I’ve ever liked, from “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” through to Four Tet and a load of Irish folk music.


My favourite artist on there is Beatenberg / Matthew Field. If all was just and right in the world, Matthew Field would be a household name!

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