Contact Me

 If you’d like to contact me directly, then hello “at” comes straight to my inbox.


I love hearing from people – I grew up us a country lad where I would (and still do) talk to everyone.


However, I If you don’t hear back from me, please accept my apologies in advance, as I get more messages than I can reply to these days.


Whatever you're writing to me about, you're definitely much more likely to get a reply by writing to Amy or Maryann (see below)... 


Contact Me (The Way That Works)

If you’d like to contact me about or book me for…

  • Presenting

  • Speaking

  • Writing

  • Music

  • Press

  • A mysterious new project


…then the best person to contact is Amy who is “at”

If you’d like to contact me about…

  • Advisory

  • Consultancy

  • Charity / trustee work

...around communication, impact, innovation, science, environmentalism or education then the best person to contact is Maryann who is “at”

I am particularly likely to accept work where I can help people or organisations with a platform to make a more positive impact.

If you’d like to become a student of mine, then my books are full, but I do have a waiting list. Maryann is the best person to write to about tutoring.