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Publicising CO2 Levels

Since the global level of CO2 is one of the most important numbers in dictating the future viability of our civilisation, I figured that it might be handy to have a compact, free, colourful, easily embeddable, understandable, unbranded widget, and to offer to give the code away for free, so that it can be rebranded.

This way, organisations with huge audiences, like news and weather publishers etc., have every reason to use it, and no reason not to.


This was made with the support of and in partnership with the University of Cambridge / Cambridge Zero, NOAA, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and is endorsed by the Grantham Institute and the 2 Degrees Institute.


The brilliant developers who coped with all of my redesigns are Hugh Simpson, Chris Butterworth, Erika Antiche Garzón, Rowland Williams, Richard Coates, Max Palmer and Keith Alexander.

Please spread the word. There is no time to lose.

If you would like the code, then please get in touch via my contact page.


We are regularly flooded with emails, so please request the code only if you represent an organisation / person with national or global reach. Otherwise, it'd be great if you could use the embed instructions - thanks!


More Info

If you'd like to read my original report, then the most up-to-date version (16th December 2020) is here...

Two more important points...


1. As a professional science communicator, I am aware that this kind of information does not necessarily motivate action and change by itself, and that it needs to be part of a larger strategy. However, I also believe that it is hard to create a cogent argument for why the information contained in the widget shouldn’t be household knowledge, considering the existential threat that the rate of increase of CO2 levels poses.

2. I strongly believe that the world should not be distracted by CO2 alone – we need to focus just as much on the decline of nature, on land and in the oceans, otherwise our civilisation will collapse. I might try to make a widget to quantify nature next… let me know if you’d like to help!

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